Around the World collection

This is from our collection from around the world. That means we recreate the traditional outfits from different countries around the world. We love this collection because it helps expose girls to different cultures and inspired them to learn so much more. Also, they learn more about their heritage because heritage is your history. It is a huge part of who and what we are and it and most importantly it is about understanding who you are.

We research these outfits and get inspired by our customers' stories and photos. We use a lot of trim, fabric, and items that we feel will help bring the outfit to life. We actually bring back many handmade trims, applications, fabric, and other items from the countries we travel to. This way we can get as accurate as possible. You can see our outfit on Instagram @italiandollstore or by the #dolltrotter

Can you guess what countries these are from?

We are always adding and learning. But I would love to hear from you, Do you want me to talk about the outfit? the regions? How I create them?

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I will be working fun quizzes. You can vote on my collection or vote on my collection. Even have some fun fact with my around the world collection so keep an eye out