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Inspired Collection: Freida Kahlo

Ever so often I choose a style icon, a photoshoot, or a character to inspire my collection. This time I thought I would share some thoughts on the collection inspiration.

About Freida Kahlo

She has inspired fashion and art for years. She is a Mexican painter that used native folk style. She is famous for her self-portraits and the use of nature in her paintings. She was the first Mexican artist to be featured in the Lourve. She wasn't really famous until after her death.

Freida style:

She suffered from polio as a child and had a bus accident that causes her many issues. Because of this, she wore long Mexican peasant skirts to hide her prosthetic leg. Much like her work, she was influenced by Mexican folk art. You can see this in how she also wore bright vibrant colors and mixed textures. With her skirts and scarfs. Also, she was influenced by nature, so you see she wore flowers and ribbons in her hair and natural jewelry or nature motifs. You could also say she had a flamboyant style that can be seen in her self-portraits. And of course, the unibrow.

Style Recreation

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